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2020’s COVID Inspired Halloween

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2020 could be known as humanities year long freaky Friday, where everything is upside down and surreal. During these tough periods, one of the best remedies is to let it all out, through tears or laughter. At WoodHoods, we opt for laughter. Nothing stimulates creativity more than being locked away in isolation with nothing but your thoughts, and so Halloween does not disappoint, providing us with some topical, on-point costumes as an ironic expression of our times.

Scroll down to read WoodHood's top Halloween picks for 2020. And as always, when dressed up, don’t forget your buddy down below – slip on a WoodHood and a mask – because your buddy needs protection too.


1. One thing is for sure, the sexy nurse outfit is so last year (and bad taste), move over sexy nurse and hello sexy sanitiser (in male and female designs). Rub that juice all over. 

Sexy hand sanitiser halloween costume

Sexy hand sanitiser halloween costume men


2. Want to be essential? Then how about this essential item. You’ll be lucky to leave the party with just one square.

toilet paper costume halloween


3. Perhaps you are the Nightmare on Elm Street kind of Halloweener and want to bring in a bit of the horror factor to the party, in that case, get ready for the dreaded COVID-19 – you’ll be lucky if you don’t end up in lock-down.

covid face mask halloween


4. If the Covid masks have left you feeling a little uneasy, trust in the power of anti-bacterial wipes to save the day. Don’t be surprised if you end up rubbing your face against all types of surfaces all night.

anti bacterial wipes costume

5. Perhaps you are a traditionalist and want to stick to the wholesome Halloween theme of yore? Anybody ask for some spiced pumpkin?

pumpkin spice halloween sexy costume


6. And lastly, setting trends from beyond the grave – the Michael Jackson costume with face mask! Conspiracy theorists are jizzing all over the keyboard right now – HE PREDICTED COVID! Warning – not appropriate for parties with minors. Michael, say hi!

michael jackson halloween costume










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