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5 Foreplay Tips To Drive Your Partner Wild!

Posted by Nids ! on
Living a busy life dictated by the 9-5 means that your sexual spark is bound to give way to routine. Keep it alive through small, intentional actions and keep your partner lusting after you no matter the busy lifestyle you lead. Follow these 5 hot tips and purchase the perfect accessory that will guarantee hours of fun and playfulness in the bedroom.

  1. Do a strip-tease for your partner. When you need to remind your partner just what a catch you are, take them by surprise and treat them to a slow strip-tease. Anyone can do it in their own style, whether that be stripper extraordinaire or slow and sensual, the aim is to catch and keep their gaze 100% on you. Ensure you keep eye contact and if you’re not confident then fake it. To add a twist, slip on a Hoodie under your underwear and watch their face light up in surprise as you throw off the final piece of clothing.
  2. Get your groove on. Turn up your favourite track, grab your partner and make them dance around the house with you. You’ll instantly break the monotony of routine and introduce laughter and romance into the room. If you’re not much of a dancer then let your pecker do the bouncing. Slip-on a tux and top-hat, and make your peen bounce around to the beat.
  3. Send a sexy text. Surprise your partner by sending a sexy text in the middle of the day. Tell them exactly what you are looking forward to doing to them that night and make sure you follow through. Take it to the next level by snapping a photo of your penis all dressed up as a pirate, ready to plunder some booty.
  4. Create some friction. When out in a public place with your partner, create situations where you can discreetly rub yourself against them. If you have a semi - even better as they’ll be sure to feel your cheeky poke. Do it again and again until you’ve built up enough tension that will take you both home via the fastest route. For extra added spice, slip on a WoodHood before you go out and let them know about it. Now you both share a saucy secret.
  5. Go bald. One weekend, when you have no plans for the entire day, try shaving your dick and balls. Some may think it’s a dangerous activity to partake in, but the end result and sensations will not only delight your partner but also yourself. Your member will instantly look bigger while the sensation of no hair will make that area so sensitive, you will be turned on all day. Take advantage and spend all day in bed indulging with your loved one. It will be a lazy weekend you'll never forget. Throw in some kinky dress-up play as well, and slip-on outfit after outfit for hours of role-playing fun.


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