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Burning Man: True Freedom of Self Expression

Posted by L T on

The late afternoon sun catches the dust kicked up from the slow procession of moving cars adding to the gathering crowd so vast it vanishes into the distance fading into a red-grey mist. Almost as if the salt pan itself is eager to play its part in the impending corroboree, it plasters itself on the eager faces of the swarming revellers in one consistent shade of grey.  

Burning Man…. There are 7.5 billion people in the world working, living, loving, finding their way, but once a year a fortunate 55,000 journey into the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to celebrate their best attempt at a society that has true freedom of expression. 

From the dust, aluminium winged beasts rise up. From the brilliant hands and minds of free men and women of the world, Mad Max creations emerge, looming brilliant and ominously on the desert plain. Visual spectaculars are contributed not only from the hard-working hands of sculptors but also by the patrons themselves. They too are the art. They are the most perfectly imperfect statues moving and dancing through the arid wastes. Wearing obligatory but decorated face masks to limit the dust inhaled in, now an iconic feature of Burning Man that adds to this post-apocalyptic scene.

Every year the revellers embrace the free-natured, open and celebratory ethos of the festival by dressing in daring and expressive ways. At Burning Man, women and men and everyone in-between are given the courage to be different, dress different, express differently and are wildly celebrated for that difference.

Over the following weeks, we here at WoodHoods are excited to celebrate the freedom of self-expression that is Burning Man.

Written By: John D

WoodHoods Fit Model & Guest Writer

Photo By: Instagram: @Faceblind.deselliers 

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