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Celebrating Men: How a penis outfit company are celebrating men and their manhood.

Posted by L T on

You may be thinking, okay what’s this whole penis outfit business all about? The bottom line is, we need more ways to celebrate men that’s fun and enjoyable. We are so in love with the reactions we get from people the first time they realise what a WoodHood is...pure joy. We hope to recreate these feelings through everything we do at WoodHoods. Here are 3 ways WoodHoods, a penis outfit company, are celebrating men and their manhood.  

1. Sexy Silly Man Sundays

If the world was full of the same kind of people and men...borrrring! Can you imagine? We thoroughly enjoy showcasing all the different types of men out there that just make us stop and think… “I’d definitely hang out with you.” Which is why we hold our own democracy every week on Sunday (Australia Sunday) called Sexy Silly Man Sundays on our Instagram stories. We select 3 sexy silly men showcasing the guys with personalities that are just straight up intriguing and we think it’s hot. You can get lost in enjoying the hilarious and silly photos and videos of all sorts of men through the sea of profiles on Instagram. Just check out Matt Cutshall or Isaac Butterfield - you’re welcome. 

With Sexy Silly Man Sundays, we want to showcase the fact that men don’t have to be sexy by being that stereotypical male model. Most people's response when asking them what attracts them the most about their partner is their ability to make them laugh. We love showcasing all the different types of guys who have different quirky and silly personalities that are worth admiring and showcasing. Because at the end of the day, we remember how someone makes you feel. 

2. Our Messaging

Our main messaging we want people to grasp is firstly to celebrate your man and secondly to have fun with your sexuality. We recently had a stall at Sexpo in Brisbane, Australia and while talking to lots of our beloved fans, we discussed how many options women have for lingerie and accessories, but men have very limited options. This set off a lightbulb in so many people’s heads where they began to think of a fun evening where they reveal their penis with a penis costume. They were so intrigued thinking about their partner's reaction and how the attention would be on their manhood. Who doesn’t want something that might bring on a fun and loving connection… maybe even some sexy times? Additionally, lots of people agreed that they would be much more likely to respond positively to a dick pic if it had a cute tuxedo or tradesman outfit.

3. Donating to Men’s Health

To further expand our mission to celebrate men and their manhood, 10% of all WoodHoods profits are donated to Movember which is a foundation that supports Men’s Health. For all purchases occurring during the week of September 15-21 this year, WoodHoods will be donating 10% of the proceeds to Orchid the foundation supporting the Willy Waddle. This event is amazing. Everyone wears blow up penis costumes where everyone waddles, jogs, or walks around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London to raise vital funds in the fight against male cancer. Check out the video from previous years HERE.  

To embrace this movement celebrating your sexy and silly man while supporting men’s health, check out our full classic outfit range. We will be releasing our seasonal outfits for the holiday season that will soon sneak up on us! 

Much Love!


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