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Festival Wear For Guys

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So your favourite festival is coming up and you’ve pressed the “purchase tickets” button. Is anyone else’s first instinct to start browsing the various Instagram platforms and Pinterest pages for your inspiration to create the most fitting festival outfits?  

What is it about festivals that bring out that creative wild side, where you unleash outfits that sit around in your costume box awaiting their debut at your next festival? Is it that you can drop every serious bone in your body to unleash your creative wild side because it feels so damn good? Is it knowing that for just a weekend you are there for one thing only...galavanting around while enjoying the fuck out of it with your besties? 

I know for me, I’m naturally attracted to the notion that I can have a weekend free of adult worries and I can peel back the layers to find that sexy, creative, and fun person I know and love. I don’t see this person all the time because life, but something’s will bring it out in me. Festivals are definitely that thing. Since I love adding to my experience through my outfit, I might spend some time planning my festival outfits.

I’m curious to know people’s thought process with creating their festival attire. When I’m looking at all these people on Pinterest and Instagram - I stop and think, what is it about the outfit that makes them say yes I need that and I have to wear that? 

Because we’re primarily here to celebrate the guys and their manhood here at WoodHoods, we wanted to dive deep into exploring the different types of festival costumes for guys. So here we go top 10 festival outfits for guys and their matched WoodHood outfit.  

  1. The Romphim Guy
Romphim Festival Outfit
Photo credit: Pinterest 

The outfits that say, “Honestly, why do I have to think about what I’ll wear on my tops AND bottoms.” If this crew dropped their drawers, we think they’d all most likely rock Woody the Hoodie, except the one on the left. He looks like a John the Pirate kind of guy. @Romphimoriginal

  1. The Full Costume Guy
Shark Eating Man Costume

Photo credit: Halloweenempireonline

He’s always whipping out surprises. Costumes for most occasions- especially their favourite festival like Splendour in the Grass or Lollapalooza. This guy would totally dig one of our seasonal series outfits since he looks like he goes all out for holidays like Halloween or his mate's bachelor party.

  1. The Hipster Guy

Splendour in the Grass Hipster

Photo credit: thefashionspot

This might not be a costume of theirs, and they know how to rock it best because they’re so hipster anyways. You know when you walk passed these fellas they’ll have a nice smell of patchouli and frankincense or just their manly musk. As far as WoodHoods goes, I reckon these guys would rock a Max Peen Superhero because deep down their mission is to grow and save the world too with their hipsterness. 

  1. Masks on Masks on Masks
Disco Ball Outfit
  Photo credit: Frothlyf

They’ve got all the masks you could want and they whip them out interchanging them throughout the day. You double-take when you walk past this outfit. “What the...was that?” “Oh wow...that guy...I want to be friends with him” might be a few passing comments. He spends that time carefully thinking about each mask and its corresponding outfit. This guy would definitely dig a feature series with either a disco or masquerade theme. 

  1. The Hippie, Magician, Western Dude

 Funky Hippie Festival Outfit

Photo credit:

He’s a straight-up mystery. He’s got this sense of humour that intrigues you. You can decide if you should laugh or question what he says. Nonetheless, that outfit of his says it all - “I welcome all who are intrigued...but beware.” John the pirate all over.

  1. The Whole Costume Box Man
Unicorn man at festival
Photo credit: pinimg

Chucking your whole costume box in the car to bring to the festival was the best idea. You’ve got outfits for everyone. This kind of guy is going to love our feature series which will include a set of three outfits of a similar category like hippies, animals, or maybe festival gear. Were always looking for suggestions and ideas for outfits! Send them our way.

  1. The Geeky T guy
Never Forget Geeky T shirt
Photo credit: Transfer Tshirts

My partner has the best T-shirts that make you literally laugh out loud. These guys either just so happen to always wear T-shirts with the best graphics or they scroll for hours on hours shopping online for the best T-shirt for the festival. The one who will catch all the festival goer’s eyes. These guys would be fond of Richard the Tuxedo because they're casual on the outside, but formal on the inside. 

  1. The Dom
Dominatrix Festival Outfit
Photo credit: @Moliverallen (Instagram)

They might look intimidating to some or incredibly hot to others...or both. Leather is just part of their nature, but inside their nothing but sweatness. Sweat sweat goodness. To accentuate their whole look, these guys would check out a feature series designed specifically for them and with them...The dominadicks series.

  1. Sequin Man
Sequin festival outfit
Photo credit: Etsy Shop @LoveKhaos

Sequins follow him throughout the entire festival. Sequins in his beard, his chest hairs, his manhood, his whole outfit just decked out. If you can’t find Sequin Man...follow the sequin trail. This kind of guy would want his own feature series that includes a rave theme! Yas King!

  1. THE Accessory Man
Pink Octopus Festival Costume
Photo credit:

Their accessory is the outfit. They go everywhere with this accessory and everyone says “Look that’s the guy with the massive Octopus.” This guy might be into Jimmy the Tradie with all his accessory tools on his tool belt and his hard hat. 

Whatever you’re thinking of wearing to your next festival...enjoy the fuck out of it because that’s what the whole thing’s about. And remember… if you want to bring that lucky person back to your tent...remember your WoodHood because the festival attire don’t stop when you take off your pants!

Happy WoodHooding and leave us a comment below on the outfits you want to see WoodHoods make.

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