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From America to Australia and back to America

Posted by L T on

Student loans suck

You know those transitions in your life where you're pleasantly comfortable with the way things are, but there’s something looming in the back of your mind saying “You’ve got to move on, you’ve got to take care of business”? Well, that was me for a number of years while living in Australia. I’ll take you back about 8 years when I decided, after meeting a charming Aussie, that I would pack all my shizz and move from the USA to Australia - not really for that Aussie boy, but to pursue a Master’s degree while galavanting the breathtaking beaches surrounded by kangaroos and koalas of Aussie land - who doesn’t want that? 

If you aren’t aware, the expense to study in the US is not cheap and the expectation to study seems to be part of what makes people American. Once you graduate high school, you cannot avoid the question of, “So what college will you be going to?” And then after college you’re then expected to get a masters because everyone else has a college degree, and to fund that every student has to get into huge amounts of debt. In short, the education system in America is farked. So I thought, if I’m going to spend a shizz ton anyways on education, I might as well use my student loan money and go to Australia and study there. So off I went with my bike in a box, my 4 duffle bags, and my brave soul who knew no one (besides that Aussie boy I had lost touch with) to the land down under.

If you’ve never been to Australia, I would describe it as a magical land full of beautiful beaches, lots of desert, and people who take relaxing very seriously. I never realised how brainwashed I was living in America where I believed that what I did defined who I was until I was confronted with the overwhelmingly chilled out lifestyle Australia had to offer. 8 years later, I received a Masters Degree, I achieved my dream of working in the healthcare industry, I met my wonderful Aussie husband who is an excellent remedial massage therapist by trade, and I met my incredible business partner, Nids, and began the WoodHoods empire! 

So so fast forward a few years, I found myself torn between two places: America and Australia. My husband and I decided that if we really wanted to be free, we had to smash this student loan debt so we would have the freedom to choose what we do in our life. After lots of visa documentation, boxes, teary goodbyes, and the fear of not making it into America during the peak of the 2020 Covid pandemic, my husband and I are now based in the home of strip clubs and lemon pepper wings - Atlanta, Georgia. 

With one co-founder in Australia and me back home in America, WoodHoods is excited to announce that we are offering $5 flat fee shipping throughout the USA and Australia! You can just imagine myself, LT, packing your little peen outfits in our WoodHoods warehouse (aka my parent’s basement, ha!)

Every WoodHoods product will include a drawstring bag, a WoodHoods original comic print, a letter from us, and a sticker! We have carefully designed and selected more eco-friendly packaging options cuz you know you can get down with less waste! 

If you’re asking if I hope to pay some of this student loan debt off with penis outfits - the answer is Fark yea. Is that my only mission? Shizz no! We created penis outfits because we need experiences and opportunities to celebrate each other and to have fun. We’re so busy running around trying to BE someone else and live up to expectations piled on top us, but really, YOU are enough. Yes! You! So express that fucking incredible and unique self. Dare to express your quirky self with a WoodHood! And if you've got student loan debt… I feel your pain - But we can do this! 

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