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How to stuff their stocking this Christmas!

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Yup. It’s here again! Time to surf the net in search of that PERFECT gift. But wait - what if we told you the perfect gift is only a scroll away. 

WoodHoods has put together the ultimate stocking stuffer list. All the things you MUST include when you stuff that stocking so scroll down playa, scroll. 

We’ve also put together a blow your stockings off playlist for once they open that stocking! Enjoy.

1. Spark Romance!

Spark Romance
If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, or maybe just started dating, this adorable game includes a slide-out “matchbox” with matchsticks with suggested activities, romantic gestures, and conversation starters.

The cool thing about this game versus others is that the sole purpose is to remind you why you love being together or allow for a deeper connection. You can get this fun game on Uncommon Goods for $12.95.

2. Libido Tea!

 libido tea

Next time you ask them to come up for a nightcap, tingle their senses with this libido inducing herbal tea. Using a special blend of herbs, the Organic Desire Libido Tea is a potent sexual enhancer bringing new heights of pleasure during sex and self-pleasure. Sign me up here

3. Nipple Pasties!


ginger bread man nipple pasties


Tis the season for all - for all to have fun that is! Why not illuminate those nipples with some good old gingerbread? Slide these suckers in that stocking and let him know you’ll bake him cookies with just these bad boys on - and maybe a robe pending weather conditions! Get these on Amazon HERE

4. Flavored Lube!


Woo play lube


While we’re on the topic of lube - here’s another one that’s great for that moment you give him a nice blowie (aka blow job). It’s also all natural, containing coconut and vanilla. Yum Yummmm. Look how much fun they're having, I want some of that. Get it!

5. Silky Blind Fold Fun!

blindfold couples

When you take out your sense of sight, all your other senses are heightened - as they say! If you haven’t tried this for yourself, trust us... both of you will appreciate the added fun when you whip out that blindfold. First, tell them to put on the blindfold, then press play on your favorite album to get you in the mood (or our playlist!). This is where you use your imagination and let them step into a new world of fantasy - take them to pleasure town!  

6. Uberlube!

Uber Lube

Next level lube. It’s got Vitamin E and all those silky good elements that make lube so luxurious. If you are classy just like Richard the Tuxedo, this is the lube for you. Uber lube for one uber MAN - even the bottle makes me sploosh. 

7. Hippy Lube Lover!

Hippy Lube

Hathor Aphrodisia Lubricant Pure is the lube of choice for the environementally conscious, it uses no petroleum based chemicals - just pure natural ingredients. The Chris Hemsworth's of the world chilling in Byron Bay, Australia would use this lube. Get that Horny Goat Weed into you, HERE.

8. Sexy Xmas Kitty Undies!

kitty undies

Who's to say that your sexy ass with some sexy silly undies isn’t a gift to him! Go ahead order those suckers with a note that you’ll wear these while you light up the fireplace so you can warm up your tooshie while smooching by the fireside! Get yours from Amazon HERE.

9. Touch Touch!

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

This one goes out to all those couples out there seperated due to COVID. Let the other know you're thinking of them by sending them a little buzz. Share an intimate moment hundreds of miles away from each other with a pair of long distance light up and vibrate connected bracelets. Nawwww.  Get it HERE.

10. Ultimate love your peen undies

Your Face on his underwear

This is the ultimate gift, slap your face on these undies and truly show him how much you love his penis. Look how your cute face just hugs that peener weener. These are amazing! We know they will be his #1 pair of undies and just imagine pairing this set with a Santa Baby outfit  - HEAVEN. Now if only the body came in a variety of skin colours and genders.... 

Welp, that's WoodHoods top 10 ways to stuff his stocking!

How will you stuff his stocking this Christmas season? Tell us in the comments below. If you're considering gifting a WoodHood this year, better get in quick as the Santa Baby's are selling FAST! Woody the Hoodie is SOLD OUT in Australia and very close to selling out in the USA! So if you think his Willy might get a little chilly during this time of the year for the folks in the Northern Hemisphere... Woody the Hoodie is your guy!

Merry Christmas you sexy ass ho. 

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