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Male Model LOVES WoodHoods - Find Out Why!

Posted by L T on

MooseKnuckles Stamps, Canadian male model, raves about WoodHoods. Check out what he has to say about having fun with our WoodHoods.

  1. What's your idea of integrating fun with sexuality? 

Running around the house chasing my spouse with a bottle of lubestead and an erection while she laughs maniacally. Having giggles, laughs, awkward moments but being able to joke, laugh and have fun about what happens during sexy times is important. I think having fun is more about feeling safe and secure with your sexual partner than anything else. We all fuck funny, if you think about it lol.

  1. You mentioned Cospenis - have you dressed up your penis in the past? If so, how did you dress up?

Oh where do I start with this? I first started off ordering products from Etsy, which were hand sewn penis garments in the form of animals usually. Unfortunately I had fitting issues. That's why I very much enjoy the well crafted penis outfits from WoodHoods because they actually fit men like me who are statistically well endowed. From using little prop costumes I made from fabric, to googly eyes on the head (which is actually really funny), to inspirational digital art from, and then putting my penis in the PenisPokey story book (which I highly recommend. I honestly can’t get enough of dressing up my buddy. I've always wanted my dick pics to be more fun and thoughtful than a plain old erection in a photo. If I can be somewhat of an exhibitionist but to have someone laugh and enjoy my efforts - It's a victory all around.

  1. How and where did you hear about WoodHoods?

I came across WoodHoods from one of the gay male artists here on Instagram. Instagram has a budding erotic art niche to it, along with male models! Which is so very liberating. I’m tired of all the censorship out there.

  1. Why do more people need WoodHoods?

I think WoodHoods hits a market for men, couples and everyone in between that enjoys taking life less seriously and would have a bit of fun dressing up the penis. There's so many applications to have fun with a WoodHood. I can imagine myself wearing one throughout the day while your sexual partner knows you're sporting Max Peen. I could even take clever and sassy Cospenis photos to send to them! Your sexual lover could help him get dressed for the day and pick out their outfit. Fun!


You can check out Moosenuckles on his socials: Instagram @moose.knucklestamps ; Onlyfans @mooseknucklestamps ; Twitter @Mooseknucklest1 

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