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WoodHoods Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

Posted by Nids ! on

This Christmas, for the love of God, DO NOT buy someone socks and undies (unless it's got your face on it.) In this day and age, there are a million other options other than socks and undies. And even though they genuinely might need socks and undies, don’t buy it as a Christmas gift, it is an any other day gift. 

Another gift that you can kick straight into the don’t gift bin is cheap perfume. I blame celebrities like One Direction for this oversupply of nasty shit. I’ve got so many bottles of gifted cheap perfume that I will die before I finish all the bottles. My only recourse is to re-gift! And so the vicious cycle continues. When will it stop?

When I was younger, my brother and I used to laugh our heads off at the ch-ch-ch-chia pet ad on TV on repeat. We joked about the poor sad souls who would be the recipients of this ridiculous gift. That same Christmas, when opening my gift from my Dad, I ripped open the wrapping paper to reveal a hedgehog chia pet. I was now the poor sad soul. I can still hear my brother’s cackling laugh in my ears. And I’ll tell you another thing about a chia pet, the magical moment where it is lusciously covered with thick beansprout hair is false! At best, you get a hedgehog with alopecia! In Australia where it’s freaking hot during Christmas, those little beansprout threads shrivel up and die as quickly as they sprout, leaving you with a dead, muddy terracotta mess. Never buy a Chia Pet!

And what’s with candles in frosted glass? Enough with the candles! Yes, candles are lovely and nice smelling and such an easy present to buy just about anyone but don’t we all have enough candles in frosted glass by now? And I’m sure it was an expensive candle, and I hope you bought it on sale, and if you bought it at full price you shouldn’t have! No candle should be worth that much – it’s ridiculous! Friends don’t let friends buy overpriced candles!

A Christmas present should bring Christmas joy to the recipient. It should light up their face with a smile, and bring people closer. I can honestly say that no other present can do this quite as well as gifting someone a WoodHoods. Do yourself and your friends a favour and get the Santa Baby WoodHood. It's the perfect stocking stuffer, even your grandma will love it.


P.S. Writing about chia pet started me off on a chia pet youtube rabbit hole. The chia pet got out of control yo! Check it.


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