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WoodHoods penis costume


How is the penis outfit designed?

The secret to a great product is testing, testing, testing – and that we did. We employed the help of many WoodHoods fit models who laboriously tried on prototype after prototype and answered highly personal questions! The softness of the fabric, the seams, the tightness, the right size – were all meticulously considered when creating this product – but most importantly, did it make you smile?

Our WoodHoods had to meet specific criteria to elevate it to more than just a cock sock, as a cock sock it is not. A WoodHood can be worn while soft or hard and fits a wide spectrum of girths. A WoodHood can be thrown into the wash and springs back to shape. A WoodHood should be comfortable. A WoodHood should bring you joy. It took years to get to the final design, but what we have is something that we are proud to put on your dick.

What material is going to be placed on my penis?

The fabric we chose is an ultra-soft, double-knitted microfibre yarn made of a combination of polyester and elastane. This cutting edge, premium fabric guarantees super-softness coupled with 100% stretch spring-back. This means that your WoodHood is built to be worn over and over again. The design on each WoodHood is sublimate printed on using solvent, oil-based inks to ensure the colour and image is long-lasting and super-high picture quality. We laboured long and hard on whether the seams should be on the outside to avoid chafing, but with the helpful feedback of our fit models and our manufacturer, we chose an intelligent stitch and stretch-poly-thread that negates any concerns of rubbing or chafing.

How do I know what size to choose?

There are many different penis sizes and shapes out there. At WoodHoods HQ, we focused on girth over length and understand that every millimeter counts. A WoodHood comes in two sizes that should fit a wide spectrum of girths along the bell curve – hard or flaccid. If your girth circumference while hard ranges between 12cm to 15 cm – our WoodHoods will fit you. Refer to our Fit Guide if you have questions about sizing.

If you fall outside this range don’t hesitate to get in contact with us – you may not be the only one which means we have a new size range to produce!

Am I meant to wear a WoodHood while having sex?

If sex means penis into orifice insertion, then, No! Please don’t wear this while having sex. We don’t want a missing pirate hat stuck up who knows where… A WoodHood is to be worn on the penis and not inserted anywhere else. If sex for you includes foreplay, then by all means, don on the outfit as you please. However, you should know that a WoodHood is really uncomfortable to put on while your dick is moist, so keep the moisty fun until after the outfit fun.

It goes without saying, but we will say it here anyway to cover our asses - a WoodHood is not a condom and should not be substituted for a condom.

How to care for your WoodHood

  • Machine-washable in cold water. Use material bag provided.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid any rough surfaces such as pool edges, dancefloors or rough pubes (just kidding on the last one).
  • Do not pack or store when wet.
  • Remove any excess water and dry without delay.
  • Separate light colours from dark before washing.
  • Avoid excess contact with suntan lotions and harsh chemicals sometimes found in saunas, spas and pools.
  • Avoid excess contact with harsh chemicals such as deodorants, make-up or perfume.