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WoodHoods sizing

Which size for me?

The WoodHoods sizing has been created to fit most men. We have compared our sizing to that of popular condom brand providers and can happily say that whatever size you are on this page, a WoodHood will fit you.

Due to the stretch material we use, our sizes fit a range of girths. To check your girth we recommend getting a measuring tape and measuring around the shaft of your penis.

Your length should not impact which size WoodHood you are.

Please use the following measurements to guide your WoodHood purchasing decision.

Willy Big = Comfortably fits girths ranging from 11.5 cm - 14.5 cm
Willy Massive = Comfortably fits girths ranging from 13.5 cm - 16.5 cm

If you find that our WoodHoods are not providing you with a comfortable fit, let us know. We want to make our customers happy and will develop our products based on your feedback.


Which is the front?

A question we get asked all the time is, "Which is the front?"

Well, that is entirely up to you and for what purpose you are using a WoodHood.

We suggest that if you are using a WoodHood with your main squeeze, the front is the direction facing them or the underside shaft of your penis not facing you.

If you are using a WoodHood by yourself, then the front will be the side of your shaft facing you as you look down.


What's the best and safest way to put on my WoodHood?
How to put a WoodHood on

We recommend you scrunch the WoodHood over the tip of the penis and use both hands to grasp the side edges of the outfit to be pulled along the shaft. It's advised not to don a WoodHood like a condom as this may be difficult to slide along your penis. 


To wear flaccid or hard?

The WoodHood fits best when hard. However, if you would like to leave the WoodHood on to impress for later, we recommend that you tuck your flaccid member with the WoodHood into your best form fitted pair of underwear. 

Happy WoodHooding!