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The Start to WoodHoods: Have you Ever Made the Penis...

Have You Ever Made the Penis Look Like it Was Talking?


My obsession with dressing up penises started when I was 18. I had my first long-term boyfriend who had a fabulous peen. I felt like a girl with her toy, and like all girls like to do, I wanted to dress it up! I wanted to put on a cowboy hat and sew a cowboy vest for it to wear. I wanted it to have a sheriff’s badge! I would make it talk to me by pinching the pee hole. All of this of course made my boyfriend at the time feel weird – he wasn’t as into it as I.

Fast-forward 15 years, I find myself full of wine, talking about penises like I usually do, and I dredged up this unrequited desire to my friend Lindsay.

She immediately loved the concept, and we drunkenly spent the rest of the night chatting about what outfits we’d create. For me, it was a pretty typical night out drinking and talking about peen. For Lindsay though, it was a lightbulb moment – this could be a really great business idea.

Now you should all know that as a child, Lindsay’s teacher called her “tenacious”. Lindsay is a high achiever that makes things happen. What she wants, she gets. So I found out the next morning, while nursing a hangover, she was scrawling on a whiteboard how we could turn this idea into a real business – pushing me along every step of the way.

It’s been a mini MBA, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, it’s been fuc*ing hilarious, it’s been very creative. I am so thankful to all our friends who have supported us from the very beginning on this crazy adventure. I am so proud of the product and brand we created. I am especially thankful to the “peen” our muse, bringer of pleasure and joy – and above all, I am very thankful to my number one fit model – my fiancé – my biggest supporter.

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We were sitting at a bar watching a soccer game, when Nidya turned to me and started going on about how funny it is to make the penis talk with the hole of the penis, and if I had ever done this. Then she said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we dressed up the penis…? I feel like at that moment I had this entrepreneurial explosion in my mind and began to come up with all the outfits we could make. I thought that this could be a really great and fun idea to create together and there would definitely be people out there that would also want this.

The next day, we met at Nidya’s house and we started our research for other products that might be similar to a WoodHood at the time (April 2016). We couldn’t really find much besides people making cock socks or dominatrix outfits, but not a mainstream outfit that could easily be adorned to the penis.

For the next two and a half years, we continued developing this product while working our full-time jobs. Especially since developing the samples, we have taken great thought and care into constructing these outfits because the penis deserves that tender love and care!

In addition to the outfits, I was trying to think about how we could market this thing. We can show actual penises, so what to do what to do? Comics! How great would it be to have a comic character for the original WoodHood outfits? This only made me fall in love more with this whole project and through a 1.5 year long distant collaboration with a writer from California and a graphic artist from Texas, we have created 5 original comic strips featuring the classic outfits. You can check out each comic’s profile on our website and the comics will be released at the first of every month.

We are soooo excited about the launch of WoodHoods and are soooo excited for others to get their hands on one of these to try for themself. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and encouraged us to keep pursuing this crazy idea! Thank you especially to my fiancé who should really be in advertising and who has lent his male parts for research hehe. 

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Happy WoodHooding!

LT and Nids