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WoodHoods is more than just a penis outfit...


celebrating man

Why penis outfits?

We created WoodHoods as catalyst to break down boundaries in sexuality. By creating a unique product that brings humour, fun and joy into the bedroom, we hope to promote sex positivity, body positivity and diversity in sexuality. We want our men to be proud of who they are, from their head to their penis to their toes. 





In our effort to promote men’s health, healthy relationships and sexuality, we donate 10% of all sales to Australia’s leading charity in men’s health, Movember. We want to make a difference in the lives of all men. 

All statistics from the 2014-15 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).


sustainable badges


We  care about our environmental impact. Our mission is to be 100% carbon neutral. Until we reach our goal, we have taken small steps along our chain of production to reuse, reduce and recycle wherever possible:

  • Each WoodHoods is reusable - made from premium material that springs back to shape after every wash
  • Our production is local reducing our carbon miles
  • Our shipping is 100% carbon neutral
  • Our mailers are re-used, or made from plant-based materials.