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Jimmy the Tradesman

Jimmy the Tradesman

Relationship Status: Married to his wife for 5 years.

Description: Jimmy is an Australian construction worker. Under his hard hat is a long mane of flowing sun-bleached locks. Jimmy has an overly sarcastic dead-pan humour and tries to make people he just met uncomfortable as a way of joking with them. Jimmy is an “ocker or larrikin” meaning a joker with a very blue-collar attitude. Jimmy is tactlessly honest, supports mates, and cuts down “tall poppies” (anyone that brags about themselves too much) and tells it to you straight. Jimmy dislikes Richard and thinks he’s a wanker. They also don’t get along as they’re both alpha males. Jimmy is a big man, with a big personality and a booming laugh. Jimmy has a wife and is loyal and happy, he often refers to her as the Mrs. Jimmy hates speed cameras with a burning passion and is scared of moths - it sends him into fear sweats.

Jimmy met Woody while installing his kitchen, and have stayed good mates since. Jimmy loves fishing and surfing and Woody often goes out fishing with Jimmy, drinking beer, and smoking weed. They don’t say much to each other, but the bond is deep.

Jimmy deals with difficult situations through humour, however, he has some anger management issues especially at work when his assistants fuck up. 

Typical situations you'll find Jimmy:

  • Winning a meat tray at a Service League Club on a Friday night and sharing it with the gang, however, Dick, of course, would question the quality of the meat and most often will decline the offer.
  • Will take his missus on a weekend away, and will always fit some type of man time while away (ie fishing, watching AFL or the soccer, or surfing).
  • Always willing to do odd jobs for his mates - which most frequently turn into large jobs like gutting a whole bathroom.
  • Frequents large gyms where he can show off his manly maness. Loves looking at himself in the mirror while working out - will frequently find him screaming “I - am - the - hulk… the power!”
  • When he’s not at work, the gym, or helping his mates - he’s always fine-tuning and tinkering away at odd jobs around the house. He aspires to build his own house one day.
  • Once a month he “chucks a sickie” to go surfing.

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