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Max Peen the Superhero

Max Peen the Superhero

Relationship Status: single (will never have a girlfriend as too awkward and busy “saving the word”)

Description: Personality: Naively daring and confident, Max takes his superhero job very seriously. He’s an honest superhero that genuinely wants to do good and save the world, except there are no evil characters around so he often overreacts and saves people from things like almost spilling milk, saving Jimmy from moths (his nemesis), obsessed with pressing the save button on woody’s PS4. He loves to save damsels in distress and falls in love with all of them straight away - when he does, he flies around with love-hearts in his eyes - but doesn’t know what to do with them after - he is still a virgin and has no idea.

When he gets excited, he cums prematurely, but many things get him excited, like chocolate milkshakes which make for embarrassing moments. He loves the feel of soft lycra, often he visits fabric stores just to touch the material, but this also gets him overly excited.

He loves dogs and hates cats, he always gets the feeling that cats are planning something evil. Max is friends with everyone and everyone likes Max, even Dick - being mean to him is a waste of time as Max wouldn’t even realise it.

Max’s super-power is giantism - he can double in size in times of need, but this sometimes gets him in trouble as he can’t quite control it.

Max deals with difficult situations by either overreacting and growing really large or shriveling up to be very very small and avoiding the situation.

Typical situations:

  •       While watching an intense movie with Woody, Max’s super-power kicks in where he grows enormously large as a reaction to save a character. Woody has learned to sit far away from Max when they watch anything on TV.
  •       Max is a fan of sports, however, doesn’t play a sport because he never knows if his superpower will kick in, in order to save the team from losing. He also doesn’t want to make a mess if he gets too excited if they’re winning.
  •       His morning routine consists of practicing what he might say in the mirror and his actions to follow if trouble is around. He might practice saying “Giddy up, let’s go, it’s time to grow!” punching a fist in the air looking up with the other arm on his waist.
  •       Max Peen avoids swimming, massages, as it feels too good. He’s had to ask Jimmy to redesign his bathroom as he has knocked out his ceiling once or twice.

Grow and shrink with Max Peen HERE!