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Our Little (Big) Secret

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Have you ever shared a secret between you and your loved one for just a night? Maybe it was a surprise you had planned for after a party or something to tease you both while at the party? Whatever it was, it was yalls little secret. When I made one of the first WoodHoods prototypes, I decided to make a chef. I started with a paper pattern as you would with most things you sew. I then cut out the stretchy and soft fabric Nids and I got at a craft store in the scraps section. I drew the details with a sharpie (hence the sketchy job in the picture). The thing that took the most time was the size and shape of the chef hat. This probably took me most of the morning and afternoon in which I made while riding as a passenger in the car on our way to a party down the Gold Coast in Australia.

The party was a housewarming party for another “yank” (as they call us Americans here in the land down unda). Before my boyfriend and I got out of the car, I said, “Put this chef outfit on your dick and tuck it under your pants.” He was quickly impressed by the outfit and was more than happy to wear something that we both knew was on his manhood.

So off he went sliding the outfit onto his flaccid/ half chub peen with the hat to top it off ;). He tucked it away in his underwear, we had a chuckle, and headed into the party.

During the entire night, we passed each other a couple of times and gave each other the eye like “how's our little secret going down there?” This is a quote from my partner, “It was fun having a secret between us. Chef jokes and all, while knowing she was thinking about my dick. I enjoyed it more than I expected.”

Every time he went to use the toilet, the chef hat and all was still in place and remained there… THE ENTIRE Night! The next day we woke up very hungover might I add and went for a surf. Now we know WoodHoods are not surf proof. So please don't wear yours while swimming in the ocean!

RIP naked Chef

Happy WoodHooding! Find the right WoodHood for you and your next little secret HERE.

Much Love,


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