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Max Peen the Superhero


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Unleash your superhero with Max Peen! Max Peen has the power to grow three times his size at will - and sometimes not at will - TO THE MAX! Unzip and unleash the power of Max Peen. Max Peen is made from super-soft microfibre fabric with unique moisture-wicking properties for those sticky situations. With stitching on the outside and available in two sizes, Max Peen ensures maximum comfort when slipping it on. Every Max Peen comes with gold foil cape and a superhero mask to protect your identity.
Included with your purchase: Max Peen the Superhero dick outfit, superhero mask and a drawstring bag to store your WoodHood.
Check out our Fit Guide to assist with selecting the size just for you and guidance with putting on a WoodHood.
First 500 WoodHoods orders will receive an exclusive FREE comic print featuring our WoodHoods characters.


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