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Woody the Hoodie


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Woody the Hoodie oozes originality, being the first ever design created in the WoodHoods family. He is where it all began – simple, legendary, the ‘Godfather’ of the pack. Dressed in the iconic WoodHoods designer grey hoodie, complete with drawstring and pocket details, he’s all about original style - just like your favourite pair of Converse. Woody's the kind of character you know you can just lounge with maybe talk about League of Legends or the series Mad Men - no expectations, no disappointments, just chill. Woody is your go to if you have a soft spot for originals and classics 
Included with your WoodHood purchase: Woody the Hoodie penis outfit, one drawstring WoodHoods bag to store your WoodHood, WoodHoods sticker, and print of our first comic. 
Check out our Fit Guide to assist with selecting the size just for you. This product is a small fit, if you are on the cusp of a Willy Big and Willy Massive, we recommend choosing the Willly Massive. Also, see how you put your penis costume on within our Fit Guide.
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**First 500 customers will receive an exclusive FREE comic print featuring our WoodHoods Comic characters featuring Richard the Tuxedo and the gang! Get yours quick as everyone wants a WoodHood these days!
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